Companies within the Group, utilizing the British Army Saracen APC, have extensively rebuilt and modified the vehicle into a fully proven modern APC.

Type "88" -Using the Original B80 Petrol Engine.

This philosophy requires the retaining of the maximum items and spares utilized in the original while discarding systems and assemblies considered uneconomical and ineffective by modern standards, while still retaining the vehicles 6 x 6 All Drive Independent Suspension and 4-Wheel Steering Capability.


Improvements in Design Over Original Vehicle:

  • Extension of Engine Compartment to fit Improved Engine Drive Belts.
  • Fitting of Hinges to Front End Engine Compartment enabling easier access to Radiator And Engine.
  • Fitting of Front Towing Hook enabling easier recovery.
  • Fitting of Engine Inspection Covers enabling easier access to Engine.
  •  Redesigned Mud Wings providing better Stowage and Appearance.
  • Fitting Crew Stainless Steel Drinking Water Stowage Tanks 80 litres providing extra water.
  • Extra Stowage Bins increasing CES Equipment Stowage.
  • Chrome Plated Pins & Vesconite Bushes to all Hatches & Doors preventing rust and increasing ease of operations.
  • Insulation of Engine Compartment & Improvement of Hot Air Outlets to increase Engine/Driver's CompartmentProtection from Engine Heat Transfer.
  • Increase Cushion Thickness increasing crew and passenger comfort.
  • Redesigned Engine Cooling System increasing efficiency.
  • Cooling System -Maximum Water Temperature 90 degrees at ambient of 42 degrees C.
  • Redesigned Engine Oil Cooler improving cooling - maximum oil temp. 100 deg C at Ambient 42 deg C.
  • Fitting of low water warning cooling system to warn driver on loss  of water and cooling. 
  • Redesigned electrical system: Alternator, Regulator, interior & exterior  lights - redesigned instrument panel, control panel, wiring harness  
  • Braking System redesign and fitting of dual air system over hydraulic.Improving braking efficiency and improve reliability and maintain ability.
  • Fuel System redesigned with stainless steel tanks and new electric pumps with fuel filter and water-trap improving system.
  • Suspension bushes replaced with new design Vesco-Nylon bushes reducing maintenance.
  • Replacement of all Drive Belts with High Efficiency Type increasing reliability.
  • Redesign Cartridge Box and Ammo Tray. For use with 7.62mm Ammunition and Link Belts.
  • Fitting of Gearbox High Capacity Oil Circulation Pump and Improved Filter and Strainer with Low
  • Pressure Warning Light. Improvement and Preventing overheating.
  • Fitting of Modern Oil Breathers on Transfer Box and Bevel Boxes -Prevent Loss of Oil at Top speed
  • Fitting of Centre Oil Level Plugs on all Vehicle Wheel Hubs -For easier Oil Filling of Wheel Hubs.


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